Marriott, Mrs


The Chimera; or: Effusions of Fancy: A Farce in Two Acts  (1795)

Production & Reception History

Production History: Marriott’s comedy was first produced 17 Nov. 1974 by the Old American Company in Philadelphia (Southwark Theater); in History of the American Theatre, Seilhamer lists a production of the play in New York (22 May 1975).

Print & Publication History

Printed by T. and J. Swords, No. 167 William-Street, New York, 1795

Genre & Structure

  • Farce in two acts
  • Prefatory material
    • Prologue: praise of George Washington and the patriotic, courageous, and virtuous ‘sons of America;’ Marriott asks for benevolent reception of her play (“To you [the kindhearted Americans] the Auth’ress flies, and asks by me [the speaker of the Prorogue], / The beamy smiles of heavenly clemency.”)

Gender Relevance

Characters: resourceful, determined, and free-willed young woman; cunning female characters; scheming; vain elderly woman; cowardly elderly man; clever young captain. Marriage; proper conduct of spinsters; gender and age; love and age; female education; fear of female intelligence; the ‘mad woman’

Key Words & Themes

Love and age; arranged marriage versus love marriage; beauty versus intelligence; financial security of old age versus youthful spirit; cunningness; scheming; education; dangers of learned women; the ‘mad woman’

Additional Information

According to Amelia Howe Kritzer, Mrs. Marriott was an actor with the Old American Company, and apparently spent only a short time in the United States. (18)

Schofield describes The Chimera as “paradigmatic of the postrevolutionary feminine theater experience” (32).


Early American Imprints

Secondary Sources

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